Support the call for a price on carbon!

We STRONGLY encourage viewers to join their neighbors in calling for a price on carbon. In the process, learn about climate change and its solutions, meet others who care about the issues, and learn how to create political will. 

Citizens' Climate Lobby is featured in Facing the Surge. While making the film, our team developed great admiration and respect for the important work carried out by this dedicated and growing community of volunteers from around the world.

Help your city get to 100% renewable energy!

Join the Sierra Club in asking your mayor and other local officials to commit to 100% clean energy and start the transition. 

As renewable energy prices continue to drop, cities across the world both large and small are going 100% renewable, creating thousands of local jobs and reducing air pollution. You can learn more about their progress and the cities that have already reached 100% on the Sierra Club's website. 

Reduce your carbon footprint!

There are plenty of steps you can take at home and in your life to reduce your personal footprint and/or offset it. These range from simple changes to your diet (eat less beef!) to investing in energy efficiency at home, which saves you money!

In a single short article, experts from the Natural Resources Defense Council present 10 ways in which we can each make a difference. 

Start a dialogue and build community!

Featured in Facing the Surge, the Flood of Voices initiative in Virginia is an important example for how to raise awareness and build an action-oriented community. It is vital that more people find the courage to step forward and share their story. We pay tribute to those leading the way.

It is also vital that more forums like Flood of Voices are created, so that we give people on the front line the opportunities to be heard, and help build connected and resilient communities. We invite you to learn from their exemplary work and reach out to lend your support.

Support our work!

Did you know our first two films were funded through crowdfunding campaigns on IndieGogo and Kickstarter? And that many of the people involved worked pro-bono or below market rates?

Adaptation Now exists thanks to the generosity of many individuals. Please consider making a financial contribution so that we can continue to make films and organize impact campaigns. 


For more ideas, check out our Resources page.