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Large transformational investments are required in energy, transportation and agriculture in order to solve climate change. These are unlikely to happen in good time without greater civic engagement. The actions of individuals, businesses and communities matter, and have only gained relevance as the US government prepares to withdraw from the Paris Agreement.  

The story of how ski towns are coping with warmer winters is a microcosm of the global climate crisis. On the sidelines of skiing and snowboarding, an epic struggle to reverse rising temperatures has been unfolding. It is a moving story that is simultaneously sobering, refreshing and empowering. It has the potential to reach the hearts and minds of millions of people and be a much needed impetus for positive change.



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Diogo Castro Freire

Diogo started the Adaptation Now documentary project in 2014 to raise awareness about climate change and garner support for the organizations on the ground working to implement climate solutions. In the process, he also wrote the book When Climate Change Hits Home and worked in the solar industry to advance the adoption of clean energy. Prior to these endeavors, Diogo worked for the Energy Practice of the Boston Consulting Group. He was born and raised in Portugal, leaving to study at the London School of Economics. He then moved to the U.S. for his MBA at Harvard, and now lives in Washington, DC.



Our Heroes

This film was only possible thanks to the generous support of many, here we recognize our heroes, those who made a substantial contribution to the making of this documentary.


Joana e Inês

Hussein Al Baya

Tom Baker

Candice Baseden

Bill Bobbitt

Luisa Bramão Ramos

Peter Brito e Cunha

David Brooks

António & Anne Castro Freire

Beth Chajes

Lynne Cherry

Conor Farese

David Folland, MD

Sabrina S. Fu

Dave Hudson

Martha and Steve Mason

Matt and Audrey Perkins

Greg Pope

Bill Sabey Jr

Rich and Barbara Scissors

Manel Stocker

Stavros Tamvakakis

Tom the Magnificent