Climate Heroes: 

We promised a compilation of our favorite resources to learn about climate change. In preparation, we have an appetite-building gift for you: the climate quiz! 

On your next 5 minute work break, test your knowledge with 5 short questions.


Understand  the Science

The keys to addressing climate change lie in its origins. Understanding the basic science behind the problem is the first step in addressing the consequences of our carbon-based society.

Get the facts about climate change from the NASA Global Climate Change website.

Dispel the myths about climate change at Skeptical Science.

Discover  the Impacts

Many of us think of climate change as a distant problem for distant communities. It is, however, truly a universal phenomenon; the first effects are being felt everywhere. 

Take a bird’s-eye view of the impact carbon emissions will have on climate in the United States, with NASA’s Climate Data map, and help your community prepare for change using the frameworks and case studies found in the  U.S. Climate Resilience Toolkit.

For an in depth presentation of sea level rise at a local level, we recommend Surging Seas by Climate Central. 

Equal parts struggle and hope, rejection and acceptance, the excellent TV series Years of Living Dangerously plots the progression of climate change in very human terms.

The National Climate Assessment is a comprehensive, brilliantly designed collection of data about climate change. The NCA also curates great mini-documentaries on its Vimeo page.

Created by former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg and former US Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson, Risky Business analyzes the economic impacts of climate change and its impact on the bottom line. 

Written by Adaptation Now's founder, the book When Climate Change Hits Home demonstrates how climate change is relevant for major life decisions and explains how we can solve it without compromising our way of life. 

Connect Stay Informed

As the climate changes and the world begins to take notice, more and more media is becoming available for everyday climate heroes. Just as we need to adapt our ways of life to climate change, we will need to stay up to date on the latest news and the most promising initiatives to confront this, our greatest challenge.

The Daily Climate aggregates climate news from news media across the political spectrum, and divides news into useful subcategories like solutions, causes, politics and energy.

The Guardian maintains a day-by-day breakdown of climate change-related news, videos, and interactive features.

Warm Regards is an exciting new weekly podcast on global warming co-hosted by a meteorologist, a veteran journalist and a paleoecologist. 



Communicate Bridge the Gap

There is a huge gap between everyday public rhetoric and the overwhelming scientific consensus on climate change. Climate deniers – a surprisingly small subset of the population – still command attention because climate change faces a communication problem. These resources will help you start productive, positive conversations with your community.

The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication addresses the issue of climate change from a social science perspective. In particular, the Six Americas report raises questions about how we communicate the importance of the human health impacts of climate change.

The Climate Access Resource Hub maintains an exhaustive collection of research, news and blog articles, and interactive media on climate change.

Learn how to engage with climate skeptics, talk to the media, and optimize your social media use with Climate Nexus’ excellent guides to talking about climate change. 


Take Action  Join the Community


Solutions to climate change already exist. What we lack is the political will necessary to act on our knowledge. The momentum, however, is building – add your voice.