Episode 1: Facing the Surge

Facing the Surge documents the tangible costs of sea level rise for the people of Norfolk, VA. Norfolk is home to the largest naval base in the country and to thousands of hard-working Americans struggling to adapt to the rising tides and an uncertain future. But Facing the Surge is not a film about loss and inaction. It tells the stories of citizens from across the United States as they step forward to raise awareness and push their government to solve climate change.


Community Screenings

Use Facing the Surge to start conversations about climate change and its solutions. We encourage you to organize group screenings at home, work, school, church, and other community forums. There is no community screening fee or license required.


Contact us if you are interested in organizing a screening with AN's Director and Producer. Learn about our impact.


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Director and Producer: Diogo Castro Freire

Diogo started the Adaptation Now documentary project in 2014 to raise awareness about climate change and garner support for the organizations on the ground working to implement climate solutions. In the process, he also wrote the book When Climate Change Hits Home and worked in the solar industry to advance the adoption of clean energy. Prior to these endeavors, Diogo worked for the Energy Practice of the Boston Consulting Group. He was born and raised in Portugal, leaving to study at the London School of Economics. He then moved to the U.S. for his MBA at Harvard, and now lives in Washington, DC.

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Co-Director: Jorge Castro Freire

Jorge has spent his life making films. His work spans over 300 advertisements, multiple corporate videos, and documentaries, including the footage created for the Lisbon Story Center. He has received both a Silver and a Bronze Lion from the Cannes Advertising Film Festival, and won a gold medal at the New York Advertising Film Festival. He is passionate about sustainability and the world his children, Sebastiao and Diogo, will inherit.


Co-Director and Co-Producer: Martha Gregory

Martha is a film and video editor living in Brooklyn, NY. After working at an advertising production company, she left to work for director Chris Eigeman and dedicate her energy to make films. With a passion for culturally and environmentally relevant projects, Martha is committed to the power of visual story-telling and documentary as a medium for creating dialogue, awareness, new relationships and socially important art. Martha studied Film and Latin American Cultural Studies at Kenyon College.


Co-Producer: Brian Holton Henderson

As a writer for the Huffington Post, Brian covers the renewable energy industry and the uncertain future that new industries face in a warming world. Prior to his work as a journalist, he ran his own freelance multimedia business; the experience imparted to him a passion for meeting people and telling stories. He is a committed wordsmith, and he believes firmly in the latent power of the spoken word for change. He studied History and English at Kenyon College.



photo of Mipso by DL Anderson

photo of Mipso by DL Anderson


Music in the film is by Mipso, the renegade traditionalists from Chapel Hill, NC, generously supporting this project in kind. 



Our Heroes

This film was only possible thanks to the generous support of many, here we recognize our heroes, those who made a substantial contribution to the making of this documentary.


Nicholas Petricca

Adam Said

Ana and Rahool Pai Panandiker  

Stephen and Maureen Henderson

Bill Bobbitt

Fredo Arias-King

Rebecca Henderson

Bob Farese

Sara Ferro Ribeiro

Parker Treacy

Tomás Sampaio

Mary Gregory

Patrik Bergareche

Mary and Charles Lowrey

Gonçalo Rocheta

Tokunbo Afolabi-Ajayi

Kate Bernhardt

Jacob de Ramon

Jon Dick

Conor Farese

Jochen Schloesser

Wan Luo

Will Clayton

Filipa Rocheta

Henrique Jordan

Adriana Coderch

José Barber

Hallie Fei Smith

Daniel Gregory

Michael Stetka

Luca Faloni

David Sawatzky

Zahra S Khan

João Henriques

Taffy Farese

Cynthia Nadai 

Teresa Bagulho

Meghan Joyce

Sanjeev Vaidyanathan

Sérgio Cooper Teixeira

Bob O'Hara

Karl Debahy

Ryan Dalton

Philippe Oliveira

Caitlin Saunders

Alejandro Ayestarán

Kathryn Ogletree

Ben Story

Michele Frediani

Ruba Borno

Andrew Shore

Eduardo Neto

Gwen Van de Pas

António Freire

Joana Líbano Monteiro

Inês Cavaco

Andrew ElBardissi

João Araujo

Pedro Pereira

Andrea Ostby

Daniel Rumennik

Jason Cho

Gisa Springer

Paul Chong

Vinay Kashyap

Owen Humphries

Pedro Marques

Matt Perkins

Laura Kirchhofer

Candice Baseden

Evan Hindman

Francisco Garcia

Jennifer Poole

Angela Antony

Funa Maduka

Miriam Tawil

Miguel Fevereiro

Catarina Lucas Mendes

Robert Dunford

Andrew Hughes

Ana Mahony

Mariam Dombrovskaja

Catarina Ribeiro

Mina Mutafchieva

Adrian Stalder

Federico Fabbri

Carlotta Siniscalco

Olli Schmid

Leah Missik

Francisca Pacheco

Sebastião Castro Freire

Carlos Elavai

Julia Kumari Drapkin

Kostis Niarchos

Stephen Meyer

Neda Navab

Theresa Hagel

Ian Gardner

Sophia Constantinides

Jason Mooty

Arjun Malhotra

António Rocha

Brandon Levy

Benjamin McGee

Angela Chen

Michael Althoff

Jehan deFonseka

Rick de Gaay Fortman

Kristin Wolcott Farese and Jim Farese

Adriana Martins

Maya Farah

Gracie Farese

Matt Abel

Anne Morrison

Jenny Morrill

Karl Shefelman

Sarah Lisker

Jon Enberg

Sarah Ransohoff

Colin Barry

Michael Dirda

Sylvain Mansier

Robert Aguirre